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New gTLD Extension Listing

Register4Less.com offers some of the most competitive pricing on the descriptive Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs). Below is the list of gTLDs we support. We are as a registrar directly accredited with most of the new registries offering these new extensions, which allows us to offer you the best pricing. Each registry sets their own pricing per TLD type, so pricing does vary from the typical .com or .net type of domain.

The gTLD domains are from the following registries:

* Afilias
* CentralNIC
* Club Domains
* Donuts
* dot Latin
* dotStrategy
* Famous Four
* Minds And Machines
* Neustar
* Punto
* dot Quebec
* Radix
* Rightside Registry
* Domain Holdings
* Uniregistry

Premium Domains
Please note, the pricing shown in the table below is for non-premium domains. If you see a price on a domain you are looking up that is higher than what is shown in the table below, that will be because the domain you have chosen to lookup has been selected as a premium domain by its registry, and pricing will be higher because our registry cost is higher for the domain.

Price per Year TLD List
$15.95 .click .link .pictures .xyz
$19.95 .audio .gift .hiphop .kim .pics .sexy
$23.95 .diet .help
$24.95 .blue .pink .shiksha .tokyo
$25.95 .agency .center .city .company .directory .education .email .equipment .exposed .gallery .graphics .gratis .institute .international .lighting .management .mobi .ninja .photography .photos .reisen .report .schule .solutions .supplies .supply .support .systems .technology .tips .today .website
$29.95 .beer .christmas .club .dance .flowers .guitars .hosting .ooo .photo .property .shabaka .surf .tattoo
$34.95 .band .consulting .cooking .country .fishing .horse .nyc .pub .rest .rodeo .uno .vodka .wiki
$39.95 .academy .associates .attorney .bargains .bid .bike .blackfriday .boutique .builders .buzz .cab .camera .camp .cards .care .cash .catering .cheap .church .cleaning .clothing .coffee .community .computer .construction .contractors .cool .democrat .digital .discount .domains .enterprises .estate .events .exchange .fail .farm .fish .fitness .florist .foundation .gifts .gives .glass .gripe .guide .guru .house .industries .kitchen .land .lawyer .life .limited .marketing .media .menu .parts .party .plumbing .productions .properties .quebec .rentals .repair .science .services .shoes .singles .solar .tools .town .toys .trade .training .vacations .vet .vision .watch .webcam .wedding .works .wtf .zone
$49.95 .capital .careers .claims .clinic .codes .condos .cruises .dating .dental .diamonds .engineering .expert .finance .financial .flights .fund .furniture .holdings .holiday .insure .lease .limo .london .maison .partners .recipes .restaurant .surgery .tax .tienda .university .ventures .viajes .villas .voyage
$52.95 .healthcare .immobilien
$52.95 .moda .vegas
$69.95 .bar .global .press
$79.95 .cricket
$85.95 .accountants .credit .host .investments .loans
$89.95 .adult .porn
$99.95 .build .business .deals .direct .immo .network .pizza .place .sarl
$109.95 .career .xxx
$135.95 .creditcard
$599.95 .luxury