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How do I Configure my domain to use web hosting?

Auto Tuning Webserver
You no longer need to manually enable the web hosting service (although this is highly recommended). When you publish your web site via FTP, our webserver will automatically detect this and start serving your web page. (You MUST have an index.html page in order for this to work)
Switching back to Parking
If you switch the service for your domain back to parking, connecting via FTP will not automatically return your domain to the hosting service. That change will need to be done manually. See the instructions below for how to enable the hosting service.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Login to your domain profile (see this page for instructions)
  2. Make sure you are using our NameServers (see this page to learn how to RESET your nameservers)
  3. On the menu bar, select Free Hosting > Web Hosting Options
  4. On this page, choose Free 10 MB Hosting
  5. Save your settings.
Domains registered with Register4Less.com have 10MB of web space provided free with the domain. If you need more space for your website, you can order one of our Advanced Hosting Plans

Please see Edit/Create the index.html section for how to start editing your home pages.