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Contacting Us


General Support / Help

If you have general questions or have a problem accessing, registering, or transferring a domain to register4less.com, please consult the Help System under the Help tab on our site. This guide provides step by step instructions for everything that you can do on our site. You might also want to consult the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions). The FAQ's are written to be understandable and will most likely provide you with the quickest solution to your access or registration problem. If you don't find the answer in the FAQ's, we'll be glad to help.

Domain Disputes

If you are looking to dispute a domain name that is registered with us, please first consult the domain name disputes section Domain Registration Agreement. To file a dispute, write to <dispute@register4less.com>

Abuse Complaints

If you believe a domain that is registered with us is involved in an illegal activity, please write to <abuse@register4less.com> . Please ensure to include:

  • the domain name(s) in question,
  • your full contact information,
  • a description of what you believe the illegal activity with which the domain is involved,
  • and provide the supporting documentation you have to substantiate your complaint.