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Changing Profile

You can move a domain to a new or another existing account at any time. Unlike transferring the registration of a domain to another registrar, you do not need to disable Whois Privacy or locking in order to move a domain to a different profile.

Step by Step instructions:

  • Log into the domain that you wish to move, If you are moving more than one domain, log in for one of the domains you are moving.
  • Go to Profile > Change Profile
  • On the left side of the form, your current domain, username and password will be entered automatically. If moving more than one domain, type in the other domains, one per line on the left side of the form.
  • Choose whether you are moving the domain(s) into a new or existing profile.
  • Either:
    • If moving to an existing profile, type in the domain that's in that profile along with its username and password
    • If to a new profile, leave existing domain blank, and choose a username and password (enter password in twice).
  • Click Change Owner
  • You will be automatically logged into the destination account.
  • If you are changing the ownership of the domain, go to Contacts > Owner Contact, and change the contact information to reflect the new owner. You can then provide the new owner the login username and password.