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|align="center"| $16.95
|align="center"| $16.95
|align="left"|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;.audio .bio .futbol .gift .hiphop .juegos .kim .nagoya .pro .pics .red .rocks .sexy .top .wang
|align="left"|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;.audio .bio .futbol .gift .juegos .kim .nagoya .pro .pics .red .rocks .sexy .top .wang
|align="center"| $19.95
|align="center"| $19.95

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Domain Registration Pricing

Register4Less.com domain registration includes the following service that are bundled with your domain. For small business or personal sites, your domain registration and hosting costs can be as little as $15.95 per year. Not per month!

  • Free Whois privacy protection. Other registrars charge as much as $12/year on top of their registration fees for this essential service.
  • Our patented Login Security Agent active account monitoring service.
  • 10MB banner-free web hosting. We'll never put ads on your website
  • Free unlimited email aliases (forwarding) accounts
  • Free custom DNS hosting
  • Free anti-theft protection


  • When renewing a domain early, you don't lose any time as we always add to the current expiration date.
  • Registration pricing applies for new registrations, renewals and transfers.

gTLD Registration Pricing:
Domain Extension Per Year Price (USD)
   .com .net .org .info .biz $15.95
   .pictures $15.95
   .info .biz $16.95
   .audio .bio .futbol .gift .juegos .kim .nagoya .pro .pics .red .rocks .sexy .top .wang $19.95
   .mobi $25.95
   .agency, .center, .company, .directory, .education, .email,

.equipment, .exposed, .gallery, .graphics, .gratis, .institute,
.international, .lighting, .management, .name, .ninja, .photography,
.photos, .reisen, .report, .schule, .solutions, .supplies,
.supply, .support, .systems, .technology, .tips, .today, .website

   .club, .dance $29.95
   .uno, .wiki $34.95
   .academy, .associates, .bargains, .bid, .bike, .boutique, .builders,

.buzz, .cab, .camera, .camp, .cards, .care, .cash, .catering,
.cheap, .church, .cleaning, .clothing, .coffee, .community,
.computer, .construction, .contractors, .cool, .democrat, .digital,
.discount, .domains, .enterprises, .estate, .events, .exchange,
.fail, .farm, .fish, .fitness, .florist, .foundation, .glass, .gripe,
.guide, .guru, .house, .industries, .kitchen, .land, .life, .limited,
.marketing, .media, .menu, .parts, .plumbing, .productions,
.properties, .rentals, .repair, .services, .shoes, .singles, .solar,
.tools, .town, .toys, .trade, .training, .vacations, .vision,
.watch, .webcam, .works, .wtf, .zone

   .capital, .careers, .claims, .clinic, .codes, .condos, .cruises,

.dating, .dental, .diamonds, .engineering, .expert, .finance,
.financial, .flights, .fund, .furniture, .holdings, .holiday,
.immobilien, .insure, .lease, .limo, .maison, .partners,
.recipes, .surgery, .tax, .tienda, .university, .ventures,
.viajes, .villas, .voyage

   .moda $59.95
   .bar, .press, .tech $69.95
   .accountants, .credit, .host, .investments, .loans $85.95
   .xxx $109.95
   .creditcard $135.95
ccTLD Registration Pricing:
Domain Extension Per Year Price (USD)
   .ca .co.in .co.uk .de .es .eu .nl .me.uk .net.in .org.in .org.uk .us $15.95
   .asia .be $19.95
   .bz .cc .co.nz .net.nz .org.nz .ws $25.95
   .co .cn .co.za .com.co .dk .net.co .nom.co $29.95
   .ch .fr .in .it .li .tv $34.95
   .me $35.95
   .com.mx $29.95
   .com.cn .gd .mx .net.cn .org.cn .vc $49.95