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Dedicated IP address

You can get a dedicated IP address for your site for only $2.95 USD per month. Compare that with GoDaddy's price of almost $5.99 per month!

Digital Certificates

You can now add a digital certificate for website for as little as $24.95 per year. Compare that with GoDaddy's cheapest cert pricing of $35/year!

Product Name Price per Year (USD)
Comodo PositiveSSL (positivessl) $24.95
Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard (positivesslwildcard) $149.95
Comodo SSL Certificate with Extended Validation (comodoevssl) $149.95
Comodo Multi-Domain SSL Certificate with Extended Validation (comodoevmdc) $449.95

Digital Certificates Details

Positive SSL

128 bit SSL Certificates are designed for encrypting web sites for low volume online transactions. Trusted by over 99.9% of current Internet users, Positive SSL is the solution for new websites or environments where trust has been established and entity verification (for identity assurance) is not needed. This cert works for your domain name with and without the www.

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard provides all of the benefits of the Positive SSL digital certificate, with the added benefit of working for any sub-domain you choose to setup for your domain name.

Comodo SSL Certificate with Extended Validation

An EV SSL certificate offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication to your website.

The green address bar prominently displays your company name and provides highly visual assurance to customers that your site is secure – immediately giving them the confidence to complete their transaction.

Comodo Multi-Domain SSL Certificate with Extended Validation

Websites protected by the Comodo EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate benefit from top-level security and the highest layer of online trust. That’s because this certificate offers the strongest layer of encryption along with the web’s most recognized trust indicators, the most prominent of which is the green address bar. This certificate may be installed on 3 separate domains.