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Connect your R4L Email Account to your Gmail Account

By default, you can read and send email using one of three (RoundCube, Horde & SquirrelMail) webmail interface, as well as any mail program on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also use your gmail account to read and send email.

To set this up, log into your gmail account then:

  • click the gear icon at the upper right of the screen for settings
  • click on Settings
  • click the Accounts and Imports tab
  • Optional, under send email as, if you want mail to be sent from the email address based on your domain, choose this
  • click on Add another email address
  • You will be prompted with your name and to enter in your email address. Do that and click Next Step
  • Enter in your server host name (ahs5.R4L.com or similar), your email address as the username and your password and click Add Account.
  • Gmail will send an email to the address you've added. Click the confirmation link in that email, or paste in the confirmation code.
  • Once verified, your gmail account will now be connected to your mail account from R4L.