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Register4less.com Privacy Policy

Register4less.com believes in our clients and affiliates rights to the privacy of their information. Our privacy policy is very simple, and very clear.

We are in the business of registering domain names. We believe the best way to achieve our success goals is to:

  • provide exceptional customer service to our clients and affiliates
  • price our service very competitively
  • treat our affiliates fairly and generously
  • perform our services in a trustworthy and reliable manner

It is our policy that information you provide, whether a client or affiliate, is used solely for the purpose of registering and maintaining your domain name, or in the case of an affiliate, tracking domains registered through your referrals and rewarding your efforts.

Every Domain Name Creates a Public Record

You should be aware that every domain name registered creates a public record which can be accessed by a whois search. On record is the contact information you supply for the following: administrative contact (the domain owner) billing contact technical contact DNS information registration/renewal date and expiry date. The information displayed will be as you have provided it, and includes the name, address, telephone and fax number, and email address of each contact person listed above.

  1. Sale/Release of Client Supplied Information:
    Register4less will not, under any circumstance give away or sell its customer's personal information to any company, organization, or individual. Information provided by you is used solely to register your domain.
  2. Use of Client Supplied Information:
    The information you supply will be used solely to register/transfer the domain name you have requested, and to allow you to edit/update your profile as required. The only public access to your domain name information is provided for by whois query (the method you use to see if a domain name is available).
  3. SPAM:
    Register4less will never send any kind of publicity-oriented messages in electronic form to any of its customers. We will not give away, sell or expose any customer e-mail address under any circumstance.
    Additionally, the terms and conditions of our affiliate program prohibit affiliates from such practices. Any affiliate who engages in the use of SPAM to promote their affiliate business is subject to having their affiliate account terminated.
    Register4less will provide our clients with a reminder message once their domain name registration period nears expiration.
    If you believe you have received unsolicited email from a Register4less.com affiliate, please click here to let us know. If you can, please provide us with a copy of the mail message you received, and we will investigate.
  4. Security of Client Supplied Information:
    All communication between you and Register4less during the domain name registration process is encrypted and secure. Throughout the register4less web site, once you have either logged into our site or are creating a new profile, you will have entered into the secure zone of the web site, and all communication from that point until you finish your transaction is encrypted and secure.
  5. Security of Credit Card Transactions and Data:
    In processing your purchase, Register4less.com uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted communication protocols for all purchase transactions. Once your domain has been purchased, Register4less does not maintain your credit card information on file or in our databases.

Our Postal Address is.

Register4Less, Inc.
5802 Bob Bullock C1 Unit 328C-195
Laredo, TX, 78041-8813

Getting in touch with us by phone.

  • For calls originating from the US or Canada, call us toll free: 1.877.905.6500
  • For calls originating from outside US or Canada: int + 1.514.905.6500

Technical Support Contact.
For technical support issues, please send your email inquiries to support@register4less.com, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible. During support hours, emails are generally responded to in an hour or less, often in just minutes! You can also contact our support team via the secure online chat on our website.

Abuse Contact
To report abuse for a domain name registered with us or hosted with us, please write to abuse@register4less.com or call +1.5149056500.