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How do I Complete an order I made?

On some orders, you may be required to enter in a confirmation code in order to complete the order. If you're not able to get your mail right away, you can do this separately and the return to register4less.com to finish registering the domain. Please keep in mind, a domain registration or transfer is not fully processed until the payment is complete.

Step by Step Instructions
  1. You should receive an automated call giving you the 4 digit Confirmation Number.
  2. Go to http://register4less.com and locate the Complete Existing order section in the left hand side column.
  3. Type in the Order number and click on the Retrieve Order button.
  4. In the space provided, type in the 4 digit Confirmation Number.
  5. Choose the payment method.
  6. Click on the Complete Order button.

This will take you to a form to provide the payment information and complete your order. All of these pages are encrypted, so your information is secure.