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How to Configure FTP with the Paid (Advanced) Hosting Service

Register4Less.com's Advanced Hosting products require different configuration for FTP. There are also additional steps required to create first the FTP account before you can use the service.

Please note, apart from FTP, you can use the cPanel interface's File Manager to view and transfer files to the server.

Connect with your cPanel

The first step in setting up your account is accessing the cPanel Interface. Through the cPanel, you can manage installation of different environments for blogs, shopping carts, databases, web stats, security, and so on.

  1. Log into your Register4Less.com account for the domain that has the Advanced Hosting.
  2. On the Menu, go to "Paid Hosting > Manage Web and Email Hosting (cPanel)".
  3. This will open the cPanel interface into a new pop-up window.
  4. In the Files Section, click FTP Accounts.

Adding an FTP Account

  1. In the section Add FTP Account, enter the following:
  2. Login: The username you wish for your account. Your username will be in the form of name@yourdomain.com
  3. Password: The password you wish for your account (you can also use the Password Generator if you wish)
  4. Password (Again):Type your password again
  5. Directory: Type in public_html. Note: By default, the interface will add your username to the directory. You will need to delete this so that the target directory is "public_html".
  6. Click on the Create FTP Account button

You should see your account get added under the FTP Accounts section.


FTP with FileZilla

FileZilla is an FTP program that is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is free to download and use. Get it here.

  • Once you have installed and launched FileZilla, go to the File Menu and select Site Manager.
  • On the left side, click "New Site" and type in your domain name. In the screen shot, we are using "yourdomain.com" instead of your actual domain name.
  • Configure the host, encryption type, logon type, username and password as shown in the image.
  • Type the password you chose in cPanel when creating the FTP account.
  • On the Advanced tab, you may set the server type, and local directory where your website files are.
  • The target directory on the server needs to be "/".

Configuring your FTP Program

If you are using another FTP program, follow these instructions.

  1. Install and launch FileZilla
  2. Use File > Import... and inport your configuration file.
  3. Use File > Site Manager... and select your ftp URL.
  4. Make sure the Port: is set to 21
  5. For Encryption, change the selection to Require explicit FTP over TLS
  6. Change Login Type to Normal
  7. Change Username to your FTP username. This must have the '@' symbol and your domain name in it.
  8. Change Password to your FTP password.
  9. Under Advanced, you can change the server type from DOS to Unix if you wish.
  10. Click the Connect button, and you'll be ready to start uploading your files.