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Hosting Plans features

  • Powerful Hardware, up-to-date Software. All our hosting servers feature powerful Intel quad core XEON processors, Linux operating system, and tons of Ram and disk space (Solid State Drives). Latest versions of PHP, MySQL and other packages are maintained at the most current stable release.
  • Integrated Modern Plesk Environment. Manage all web and email hosting functions and accounts from one easy to use interface.
  • Guided installation for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other popular platforms.
  • AW Stats Log Analysis. Amazingly detailed analysis tool for your weblogs. See traffic based on pages visited, see where your traffic is coming from, etc.
  • Customizable Email box sizes. Mailboxes can be from 0 to 2GB in size, or be unlimited. Unlimited allows mailboxes to grow up to the total space allotted for your hosting package.
  • Advanced Spam Filtering. Enable Spam Assassin on your account to filter out unwanted spam. Custom filtering rules can be created to catch patterns, and be applied to a single account or all accounts on the domain.
  • Server Side Scripting. Run scripting languages like PHP, Perl, Python...
  • Databases. MySQL and PostgreSQL are available.
  • Online File Manager and Editors. Though Plesk, you can use the file manager to view all of your site's files, and use one of three editors to edit your site's files directly on the server.
  • Back-Up Wizard. Backup wizard allows you to back up and restore your databases, web site files, and email forwarders and filters.
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates automatically installed and maintained for all Hosting plans.
  • Automated off-site backups of your website, databases and email done daily for 7 days and weekly for 4 weeks. There is a $10 service fee if you need to restore from the automated backups.
  • Multi-Year Discounts
All hosting packages feature multi-year discounts. On a two year plan, you get 2 months free (pay for 22 months, get 24 months of hosting). On a three-year plan, we give you 6 months free (pay for 30 months, get 36 months of hosting).

Single-Domain Hosting Plans

Package Disk Space No. Email Accounts AddOn Domains Yearly Price (USD)
Host-100MB 1 MB unlimited 0 $18 ($1.50/month)
Host-1GB 1 GB unlimited 0 $36 ($3/month)
Host-10GB 10 GB unlimited 0 $60 ($5/month)
Host-50GB 50GB unlimited 0 $96/yr ($8/month)
Host-100GB 100 GB unlimited 1 $144 ($12/month)
Host-200GB 200 GB unlimited 3 $216 ($18/month)

Reseller Hosting Plans

If you host websites and/or email for your customers, Register4Less.com has the industry's best pricing on reseller web hosting. All Reseller packages include Plesk where you can define your own packages to resell to your customers. You decided how much disk space, features, and how many email accounts each of your packages will have. Plesk allows you to add domains to be hosted, assign usernames and passwords for your customers, etc. Your customers get direct their own individual Plesk log in by going to their domain:8443. You can you can access your customer's interface direct from your Plesk interface.

Reseller hosting features the same multi-year discounts as the the single-domain hosting. 2 year plan, 2 months free. 3 year plan, 6 months free.

Package Total Web Space No. Domains Hosted Yearly Price (USD)
Opal Reseller 50 GB Not Limited $300.00 ($25/month)
Onyx Reseller 100 GB Not Limited $600.00 ($50/month)
Ruby Reseller 200 GB Not Limited $960.00 ($80/month)