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Setting Up Subdomains and Subdomains with Redirects

Setting up a subdomain will create

Usually a subdomain will forward to a folder of the same name, so if you are setting up a subdomain called sub.register4less.com, on the server, this would direct to register4less.com/sub. The subdomain does not have to go to the same named directory.

To set a subdomain up,

  • Log in to manage the domain and open the cPanel (Paid Hosting > Manage Advanced Hosting)
  • In the Domains section, click on Subdomains.
  • In the Create a Subdomain section, you will be prompted to enter in
    • The name of the subdomain
    • Select the domain for which you are creating this subdomain, and
    • Enter in the destination directory. By default, cPanel will enter in the name of the directory for you.
  • Click the blue Create button. cPanel will create the destination directory on the server automatically.

Subdomains with Redirection
Follow the directions above to create the subdomain(s), and then

  • Go back to the Domains section on cPanel and
  • click Redirects. You will be prompted to
    • Select the type of redirection (301 Permanent or 302 Temporary)
    • Select the subdomain for redirection
    • Enter in the URL to redirect to. It's a good idea to test the URL in your browser to ensure it's working.
    • Choose whether the subdomain will redirect with or without www. in front of it. The default is to redirect with.