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Using the Custom DNS Zone Editor

Let us help you
If you are not familiar with editing DNS Zone files, we recommend you get in touch with our support team and they will gladly help you to setup your custom zone. Usually, you will have specific instructions from the host you are going to be pointing your domain to. Please emails these instructions in text format to support@register4less.com.

Loading a Custom DNS Zone
If your domain does not a custom zone, you will be first be asked to load one of the pre-defined custom DNS Zones. Choose from the list you are given. Once you load the zone the Custom DNS Zone Editor will load.

Editing a Custom DNS Zone
There are a few important notes to keep in mind when editing a custom DNS Zone.
- A records point to an IP address.
- Your need to have a A record to point the root of your zone @ to an IP address.
- You should have a CNAME record for www to point to @. That will point www. plus your domain to the same IP address.
- We recommend 3H for the TTL value. TTL is the refresh period (Time to Live)
- CNAME records need to have a dot (.) at the end of each record. A CNAME without a dot at the end will have your domain name appended to it.