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Note: GMail requires that you add the email address you want to forward to your gmail account before it will accept those emails.

Step 1: Do this on first your R4L management page:

  • First, go to http://register4less.com to log into your account.
  • Go to Free Hosting -> Email Aliases and setup the email alias to forward to your GMail account.
  • Go to Profile -> Set SMTP Password and enter in a new SMTP password for your email alias.
  • The SMTP password can be different from the password you enter to manage your domain.

Step 2: Do this in GMail:

  • login to your Gmail account
  • Click on the Settings icon at the upper right of the page, and go to the Settings page
  • click on "Accounts and Import"
  • under the "Send mail as" section, click on Add another email address you own
  • enter the Name and email address you want to add
  • check the "Treat as an alias" checkbox and click "Next Step"
  • enter "SMTP.R4L.COM" in the SMTP Server text field
  • enter the email alias address under "Username"
  • enter the SMTP password you setup in your R4L account under "Password"
  • select "Secured connection using TLS", using port 587
  • click "Add Account"

You will then receive a new email in your GMail account with a confirmation code.

  • click on the confirmation link in this email OR cut and paste this confirmation code in the GMail form and click "Verify"

That's it!