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What are the conditions for a successfull registrar transfer?

The conditions necessary for a successful registrar transfer:

  • Your domain Administrative Contact email address must still be valid as a confirmation request will be sent to this address.
  • For most domains, you will need an authorization code from your current registrar.
  • Your domain needs to be unlocked with its current registrar. A locked domain will not appear as tranferable when you do a check transfer on our site.
  • You should make sure WHOIS Privacy service is disabled for your domain prior to transfer.
  • Your domain name must have been with its current registrar for AT LEAST 60 days before it can be transferred.
  • There must not be a pending dispute with your domain name. If there is a dispute, your registrar will have a hold on the domain, preventing its transfer.

  • All domain transfers include a one year renewal of the domain. This time is added to the current expiry date, so no time you've paid for is lost.
  • A domain name that is expired can be transferred. Some registrars will try to block a transfer of an expired domain name. If that happens to you, please write to support@register4less.com and we'll help.